Xcode for iOS (Download IPA) iPhone App

Xcode Editor for iOS

Xcode Editor for iOS

Xcode for iOS includes everything you need to develop, test, and distribute apps across all Apple platforms.

Leverage the simplicity and power of Swift and SwiftUI with a new multiplatform app experience, code faster with enhanced editor features, and start testing and deploying from Xcode Cloud to TestFlight and the App Store. 

Creating amazing apps on iPhone and iPad devices has never been easier.

Xcode Editor for iOS


Xcode lets you get started faster than ever with a binary that’s 30% smaller than before.

Now with downloadable simulator runtimes for iPhone and iPad, this app makes the latest platforms available as you need them.

Projects build up to 25% faster thanks to improved parallelism in all build and link phases.

And the new Build Timeline helps identify unexpectedly long-running build tasks and bottlenecks in your build.

The new multiplatform target creates a single SwiftUI interface for use across iOS and iPadOS.

Xcode Editor for iOS


Your code is easier to maintain, and ready to be customized to take advantage of each platform’s unique capabilities.

With the redesigned App Icon experience in Asset Catalogs, you can provide a single icon size for all platforms and Xcode will generate all the rest.

Smarter code completion and additional dynamic snippets will get you the code you want more quickly; while you scroll, code structure (like function declarations) stays visible so you always know where you are, and regular expressions in Swift are integrated with syntax highlighting, refactoring operations, and more.

Xcode Editor for iOS



You can download and install this app on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) with AltStore (no jailbreak is required).

AltStore app requires a Windows or Mac computer for the initial installation of the AltServer software.

install IPA file on iOS


  • Download AltServer on your computer
  • Install AltStore to your iPhone (or iPad)
  • Launch AltStore to begin downloading apps
  • Leave AltServer running, and AltStore will do the rest

System requirements

  • macOS 10.14.4 (or newer)
  • Windows 10+ (or newer)


The latest version of AltServer is available on the button link below: