Skyline Nintendo Switch emulator for iOS (Download IPA) iPhone App

Skyline emulator for iOS

Skyline emulator for iOS
Versionlatest build
Size27.0 MB

Skyline is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch for iOS devices, written in C#.

Players can run Skyline on their mobile phones to play Nintendo Switch games, and it brings a different control experience to Switch fans on both iPhone and iPad.

Skyline emulator for iOS


Skyline is designed to provide an accurate, performant, and user-friendly emulation experience through an ARM Compatibility Layer and System Emulation.

Skyline emulator will continue its efforts to optimize the performance, stability and compatibility of the emulator.

This emulator aims at providing excellent accuracy and performance, a user-friendly interface, and consistent builds.

You are legally required to dump your games from your Nintendo Switch.

The sharing of switch game files above is generally downloaded from cloud disk, which is basically free of charge and mainly used for learning and communication.

Skyline emulator for iOS

System requirements

The table lists the minimum system requirements for running this application on smartphone and tablet devices.

OSiOS 9 (or newer)
DeviceiPhone 8+ (or equivalent iPad)
Storage64+ MB
JailbreakNot required

The app performance may vary depending on device hardware configuration.

For the best experience, users should be running within the recommended requirements.

New features

  • Rewrite buffer megabuffering to be per view and more efficient
  • Use spans instead of ptr and size in kernel memory
  • Handle unsigned builds on CI
  • Support forcing 60Hz display on Xiaomi MIUI
  • Automatically exclude llvm and boost submodules in gradle project
  • Implement thread-safe MegaBuffer pool
  • OsFileSystem: Close directory after file listing is finished
  • Fix VFS CreateFile directory creation
  • Remove RGB565 format workaround
  • Fix OsFileSystem initial directory creation
Skyline emulator for iOS



You can install this app on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) with AltStore (no jailbreak is required).

AltStore app requires a Windows or Mac computer for the initial installation of the AltServer software.

install IPA file on iOS


  • Download AltServer on your computer
  • Install AltStore to your iPhone (or iPad)
  • Launch AltStore to begin downloading apps
  • Leave AltServer running, and AltStore will do the rest
install IPA file on iOS

System requirements

  • macOS 10.14.4 (or newer)
  • Windows 10+ (or newer)


The latest version of AltServer is available on the button link below: